The tiny island located in Nova Scotia, Oak Island has served as the host for one of the most expensive and the longest-running treasure hunt ever. The island is a thousand feet wide and one mile long, but it has been one of the most interesting places in recent years.

The last five years of their treasure hunt has been filmed and turned into a reality tv show that is broadcasted on the History Channel. In January, this popular show entered its sixth season and the seventh one is announced. Because of the History channel and its access to the whole world, this show accumulated a huge fan base and it became a massive global hit.

You can be sure that this is one of the most popular shows in the world today. Not only the popularity of the show grew. The same can be said for the profiles of the Lagina brothers. Without wasting too much of your valuable time, we are going to start with their story. Marty Lagina is the younger brother of Rick. He is an engineer and has his own energy business.

Because he is a man of science, he is unsure about the whole myth of Oak Island. He is intrigued by the clues he and his brother found over a decade ago. That gave him the strength to continue his pursuit of proof that something is buried on the island.

Rick Lagina is an ex-postal worker from Michigan that has the dream of solving the mystery of Oak Island since he first heard about it back in when he was just an year-old boy. It can be said that he is a man who sees the world in black and white.

He is an honorable man. His will of pursuing his dream of resolving the mystery of Oak Island was strengthened by clues that he, his brother, and their team found when they took over the whole expedition back in Rick is a very private person so there is not much of his private life that is presented to the public. The amount of time they spent on the island is unknown. However, we can guess the right time due to drilling and digging costs each year.

They were granted a license to commence their treasure hunt at the end of At first, their hunt was supposed to last for one summer only, due to digging in winter was impossible. As you know, their treasure hunt now enters their eight summers. They are known for their sophisticated technology and a wide array of experts from all over the world that they invited to help them in their hunt.

This can be said because they are increasing the level of technology every season. The most expensive piece of technology that was introduced in the show was massive drilling rigs that were worth a few hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The success of the show increased his net worth significantly. A vast majority of his wealth comes after the show started back in Their net worth is surely going to increase in the future due to the popularity of the show, especially after 7 th season of their show. It looks like will be a great year for the duo. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Who are Lagina Brothers?The hunt for the treasury could take a lot of time and effort.

It takes a year or more practical and necessary skills for individuals to smell the prime location of the destined treasury. The treasurer has been able to earn name and fame for himself. Both the siblings are also busy shooting the sixth season of The Curse of Oak Island.

The much-anticipated TV series is set to premiere on History channel from 13 November However, it is still unconfirmed whether the makers have decided to combine the 30 episode in two hours special or will it separately air on 30 different weeks. Marty also summons his escalating earnings through his winery business as well. There is very little information about his wife, Olivia and their marital relationship revealed in media.

The couple shares a son, Alex Lagina, and daughter, Maddie Lagina who are a grown up now. It seems Marty is a man of few words, as he has not disclosed any update on his married status. His relentless silent often leads the audience to question if the couple is together or have gone through the divorce process.

Whatever be the truth, his fans are still waiting for their favorite television personality to spill beans about his relationship status. Marty stands a pretty impressive height around 5 feet and 10 inches, and his ethnicity is white. He graduated from Michigan Tech in the late s. He also pursued a degree in law at the University of Michigan in Besides that, he is yet to reveal any vital information about his age and birthdate.

Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License. Details on Her Age and Parents.The show stars his father Marty Lagina and his uncle Rick Lagina as they try to uncover more about the mysteries of Oak Island. How rich is Alex Lagina? As of early, sources estimate a net worth that is atearned through success in his various endeavors. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Since this time, a number of attempts and expeditions have been made to locate artifacts as well as treasure in the area. There are numerous theories as to what treasure is on or in the island, from pirate treasure, to religious artifacts, even to Shakespearean manuscripts. Over the many years since the beginnings of the expeditions, items have surfaced that have been carbon dated and found to be hundreds of years old. What has been discovered over the last few years is the original shaft dug by early explorers, referred to as the money pit.

A few of the most popular theories surrounding the island include natural sinkholes, which is the reason for the money pit, and that there is actually no treasure in the island. Alex is the son of Marty and his wife M. Olivia Lagina and grew up with a sister. Both of his parents have engineering backgrounds. The family resides in Traverse, Michigan. The amount to purchase the interest has never been disclosed publicly. Inmany years after the Lagina brothers took control over the island, they were approached by television producers for a show that focused on their treasure-searching efforts on the island.

The show also sheds light onto the history of the island, discoveries and theories. The show also features several permanent residents of the islands who have been searching for treasure there for a long time.

They also feature independent researchers who discuss theories such as North African gold, and an old French map of the island that could detail potential treasure sites. There were secret projects surrounding the island that involved Shakespeare too, and a project that involved Sir Francis Bacon and Rosicrucians. Other theorists believe that the Knights Templar relocated numerous artifacts there, while some say that the lost treasures of the Aztec Empire is buried within.

According to various sources, he is single and has never married. He is very close to his family, and shares the same passion for Oak Island, even stating that the place is a complicated engineering problem. He also works with the Oak Island Tours Company, and manages the tours on the island.

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The family also built a museum there, which contains articles they have recovered from the island, though photography is forbidden in the museum.

The family still owns a vineyard called the Villa Mari Vineyard located in Traverse, Michigan, where Alex works as the general manager. His father is known to be equally enthusiastic about wine, hence the family business. The family also owns a large wind turbine company, which is considered the largest in the state of Michigan, and which Alex also takes some time to help manage that business. The family take some time off work and can be seen at various events including big sports events in the state.

Alex have you finished at oak island if not have you considered pumping air iin to the tunnels to find out were the feeds are it is relatively inexpensive rather then trying to pump out the sea it will also show if there is a link to 10x from the money pit when you pump air in check the swamp for bubbles as I think there is a connection to the money pit.

I have always enjoyed history and the storirs that come with it. Your series is one I never tire from watching. Alex, I am so glad that you are involved in the business adventures of dad and uncle. Thanks to all.R ick Lagina is a former American postal serviceman who turned a producer and a reality television personality. This show does revolve around the mystery of treasure, which is rumored to be hidden on picturesque Oak Island a little isle just off the coast of Nova Scotia, in Canadawhich had enraptured Rick Lagina since he was a young boy.

Lagina does hail from the Kingsford, Northern Michigan, and it has been said to be quite close-knit, especially brothers Rick and Marty Lagina. Rick Lagina was born on January 25 th, and today he is 68 years old. He has a height of 1.

His weight is 79 kg. There is nothing much that is known about him. He holds American Nationality. He is a man that has released limited information in regard to his religion and political views. Rick Lagina is a married man. He tied the knot with M Olivia Lagina. This couple has been blessed with two children, namely Maddie Lagina and Alex Lagina. After his retirement, he found a way to be able to fulfill his dream in the year Rick had tried for many years to get hold of the Island many years before this as well as had event went to meet famous Oak Island explorer by the name Dan Blankenship, but during then, things did not work out in favor.

In the yearbut, Dan Blankenship, who was in charge of Oak Island sale giving preference to bid placed in Lagina brothers owing to a longstanding passion for island and hunt, thereby allowing them to easily buy this island. They started their hunt in the year and also got to work to make the island into a very comfortable attraction for the tourists. Island also does have state of the art museum that houses all exquisite artifacts such as coins, relics, metal fragments, inscriptions, and relics as well as the human remains, which were discovered on this Island.

They tried to allow them to turn their work into an educative TV reality show. They resisted the offer for a certain period of time. After some time, he agreed with the condition that this show is going to remain as real as possible and that it will not try to turn things into a theatrical performance. Finally, in the yearthis show premiered on History Channel, and it was an instant hit among audiences making Lagina Brothers stars.

Being new to the world of entertainment, Rick Lagina does not have any awards yet. However, we are sure that he has a true award with him in the form of Oak Island, as that is al that he wanted in his life. Rick Lagina has never been in any controversy and in the extramarital affairs to date. In addition, he has never confronted any of the debates to date.

It does seem that he has added up to center around his work instead of getting stuck in controversy. Rick Lagina is not very active on social media platforms. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Marty Lagina Biography

Raphael Saadiq. Rick Lagina R ick Lagina is a former American postal serviceman who turned a producer and a reality television personality. Contents 1 Quick Biography 1. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Popular Now. Becca Bleznak - April 15, Young M. Quick Summary. Relationship Statistics.Marty Lagina is a well-known American personality who rose to fame over the History Channel's reality television series entitled The Curse of Oak Island.

Marty appears on the show with his elder brother Rick Lagina. Their reality series features the Oak Island mystery and it shows efforts to search for historical artifacts an treasure.

A former engineer Marty Lagina worked in several largest gas operator companies of Michigan during his early days. He now owns his vineyard business in the Villa Miri, Michigan. His vineyard produces world-class red wine which is popular in the different parts of the world. He is an engineer by profession and has been involved in the energy business.

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C Lagina. His mother was also an engineer and she worked for Lake Shore Engineering for several years. Furthermore, he and his brother Rick were inspired by an article published in Readers Digest. Marty Lagina attended the local high school in his native place Upper Peninsula. Then, he enrolled at Michigan University and earned graduation in Mechanical Engineering from the University.

After graduating with Mechanical Engineering, he started working as a petroleum engineer at Amoco Production Company as a petroleum engineer. Eventually, he became a popular engineer in the Michigan corporations. Inhe moved to an oil gas exploration and production company Terra Energy Ltd. Lagina spent several years there until the company became the largest operator of gas wells in Michigan.

He stars in the series along with his brother Rick Lagina. The show has been airing on the History Channel since January The series is ready for renewing the season six as of June The series revolves around the efforts of brothers to solve the Oak Island mystery using sophisticated technology and by using global experts.

Lagina Brothers around the effort to discover the treasure or artifacts which supposedly have been buried in the Oak Island. The history of the island, the discoveries made when searching the island and the attempts to solve the mystery of Oak Island are the major concerns of the two brothers.

After obtaining the controlling interest of the Oak Island Tours, they were approached by the Prometheus entertainment which led them to do the reality show they have become so famous in.

His expertise does not only lie in his appearance in the reality show, but he has a passion for winemaking too. His family ties are the best wine growing area in Italy thus he is involved in making world-class red wines in the Villa Mari.

Situated in Michigan, the Villa Mari nods to his Italian ancestry. Most of the important decisions of the Villa Mari are taken by Marty. Marty Lagina's hefty income comes from his family business and his reality show.By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

As ofMarty Lagina enjoys a huge net worth from his overall business projects.

The Curse of Oak Island: Marty Wants to Quit (S2, E8) - History

Further, he appears on the show along with his elder brother Rick Lagina. As ofMarty Lagina, a professional engineer, a treasure hunter, and a winemaker has made a stupendous fortune. The couple has been blessed with a son named Alex Lagina and a daughter named Maddie Lagina. Let's know more about Marty Lagina's net worth as ofhis winery and energy business, wife, children, and 'The Curse of Oak Land'!

He earned a massive fortune from his energy business as an engineer. Further, he also owns some of the expensive business ventures. No wonder, he has a luxurious lifestyle. Recently, Marty Lagina along with his team discovered a mysterious wooden structure at Smiths Cove. Already mentioned above, Lagina is a renown businessman and an investor. He is the producer of the hit treasure hunt reality show called ' The Curse of Oak Island ', which premieres on History channel. He appears along with his elder brother Rick Lagina.

As a fact, whatever amount he invests in the show, Lagina gets an extra added amount of money in return. The reality star, Lagina is also a winery owner. He originally got into the wine business with a 3-acre vineyard called ' Row 7 ', but then upgraded to a much larger operation called ' Mari Vineyards ' in Traverse City, Michigan.

With an engineering background, Marty Lagina focuses a lot of his efforts on developing green energy. In fact, he owned a green energy company called ' Terra Energy ' in the s, which was one of the first energy operations to extract natural gas. An interesting fact is that the company is the largest wind turbine company in Michigan and also one of the largest in the Mid-Western United States.

Without a doubt, Marty Lagina lives an extravagant life with his family. Apart from his current wife, Marty Lagina has never been in any other relationships.M arty is an American Engineer who has transcended from being an engineer to a successful businessperson and presently a reality television star.

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The TV star has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Michigan Technological. This was in He also has gone to Law School at the University of Michigan, where he focused on consulting work for engineering firms. Marty started his career by working for Amoco Production Company as an engineer for the petroleum company but later quit to start his oil and gas production and exploration company called Terra Energy Limited.

He sold the company, and with his brother Rick they followed their interests in a treasure hunt, which turned into a show after they were approached by the Prometheus Entertainment hence the start of the reality TV series The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down.

Marty also produces royal wine from grapes all over America through green energy from his company. At the age of 64 years old, Marty has a standing of 5 feet 8 inches as well as a weight of 79 kg. He further features a body with black eyes in addition to brown hair color. Marty did his high school in his neighborhood, and later, he proceeded to the University of Michigan, where he graduated in with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Marty later went back to school after some time to obtain a degree in law. He has an elder brother Rick and sister Matina. Marty Lagina is a married man. His wife, a long-time love, is Olivia Lagina. Together they have stayed for over 20 years through their wedding date is unknown by us.

This owes to the fact that Marty has been successful in keeping most of his personal life a secret. Together, the couple has been blessed with two children, a son and a daughter, Alex Lagina and Maddie Lagina.

Alex Lagina (Oak Island) Wiki Bio, age, net worth, married, wife, dating

Alex has done engineering like his father. Marty started his career working for Amoco Production Company as an engineer for the petroleum company.

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It was in that he took a bold step to start his oil and gas production and exploration company called Terra Energy Limited. After running the company for more than 12 years, he had built the company to being ranked as top companies in the extraction of natural gas.

Their interests followed theories of hidden treasures, especially from the Restall Family. Their interests would then into a show after they were approached by the Prometheus Entertainment hence the start of the reality TV series The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, which has made the two famous and scooped a lot of wealth from the show. Marty is a jack of all trade. He produces royal wine from grapes all over America through green energy. As such, he has established a wind turbine Company, which is among the largest wind companies in Michigan states.

Marty Lagina Facebook page has no fan likes, and his Twitter account has no followers. Marty is a multifaceted person. From being an engineer to being a businessman, then a law person, as well as to a TV personality, makes him a man to look at in on how he has handled everything with a touch of elegance and success.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Raphael Saadiq. Marty Lagina M arty is an American Engineer who has transcended from being an engineer to a successful businessperson and presently a reality television star. Contents 1 Quick Biography 1.

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