Almost every video clip you see of great Call of Duty players showcases their talents with an assault rifle or a sub-machine gun. These two classes tend to be the go-to for both beginners and those looking to rack up the kills.

Both of them provide solid damage output, mobility, and versatility in combat. From the AK to the MP7, hardcore shooter fans know what guns work best for them out in the multiplayer arenas.

Let's now rank the 10 best assault rifles and sub-machine guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Do you want to use an assault rifle that has poor recoil, a low fire-rate, and is terrible at both medium and long-range encounters? Well, look no further than the FAL. Truth be told the weapon puts out enough damage over time to be considered a pretty viable choice in the realm of assault rifles, but the drawbacks are far too many.

Some of them can be offset with attachments and experience with the FAL, but it comes down to whether or not you're willing to deal with some less than ideal circumstances. The FR 5. The power of the weapon comes down to the player being able to land all 3 shots of its burst fire. If you're able to do this consistently then kills shouldn't be a problem. It also happens to fall into the camp of fan-favorite guns from other Call of Duty games that had their names changed in this most recent iteration for one reason or another.

The AUG is very versatile, and as its name suggests it welcomes any and all augments. It's one of the few weapons that can take on several forms solely based on what the player attaches to it. It has viable long-range potential and in that way is superior to all other sub-machine guns. It also is no slouch when it comes to medium or short-range encounters as it also has high mobility and feels easy to move around with.

The damage output is also nothing to scoff at with the AUG, as well. In almost everything but the name, it happens to be the same weapon. Why the name change you may ask? Who knows at this point. The PP19 Bizon is a gun that's pretty average on the surface but can be versatile in the right person's hands. If a player has the right amount of skill and patience they could use this sub-machine gun at pretty long distances and be pretty effective.It is unlocked as a free weapon available as part of the Season 4 Battlepass.

The Fennec is available at Tier 15 in the Season 4 Battlepass and it has a weapon max level of Infographic 1 — General overview of the Fennec SMG with stats, attachment unlock levels, loadouts and camo requirements. The Fennec has a. Here is the Damage Comparison between the types of Ammo.

The base ammo has quite a bit of spread to it. The test was done at a distance of 18m. Complete all of the following to unlock the Gold Camo for the Fennec. For one reason or another, the Camo Challenge is either bugged, or they purposely made the challenges easier by giving it the same requirements as the Handguns to unlock. Looking for some new Gaming Supplies? Check below for some of our recommended gaming products:.

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How to Get Longshots Fast and Easy in Modern Warfare Season 4 Gold Camo Guide

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Call of Duty: Warzone: Best Drop Kit Loadouts To Use In The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

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modern warfare smg longshot distance

By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Depending on weapon unlock level, you may need to firstly level up to unlock the weapon. This loadout makes use of both the Uzi and a dependable AR to survive the intense action in Verdansk.

The Stim is an invaluable Tactical that can keep you going even if you're out in the open. Remember to equip this when going with this build! This attachment setup highlights the Uzi's fairly decent ADS by boosting it further. Although accuracy is an issue with SMGs, with this setup you can easily aim down sights possibly netting you more kills. The open battlefields of Verdansk can be troublesome if you're using an SMG.

With this however, you can shoot even distant targets without any worries. The base ammunition for the Uzi can be replaced with the more damaging and powerful. Unlock this magazine first as it significantly increases the firepower of this humble SMG.

modern warfare smg longshot distance

This loadout kits you with perks and items that can help you as you run across the map. The Throwing Knife is a good Lethal if you can get close as it one-hit kills any enemy. Use it if you find yourself reloading to protect yourself during a fight. Transform the Uzi into a Mobility powerhouse by using the attachments above. While it does lower control and accuracy, you won't need both when you hip-fire beside a surprised enemy.

You can replace it with some Stocks that have decent Mobility if you find yourself missing a lot of shots.

This loadout can also aim down sights faster than most guns. Even with the reduced accuracy and recoil control, you can still pump lead into unwitting enemies if you position yourself well. Known for its iconic design, the Uzi is utilizes its full auto firing capability best in tight corridors and indoor situation.

Great for clearing rooms and ambushing enemies. Click the link below for details on the latest patch! Captain John Price finally steps onto Verdansk as a playable Operator!

Along with him, Task Force operative Kyle and new operator Roze will also be joining in on the fight! Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site.

Call Of Duty Official Page. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Warzone Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Tweet Share. Warzone Best Weapons Best Loadouts. Simple, steady, and effective. Unlock Level Attachment Reason Muzzle Brake Redirects gasses outward to stabilize the weapon for better control of sustained fire. FSS Carbine Pro Heavy duty stainless steel polygonal rifled barrel greatly increases muzzle velocity and extends range to the max.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses.

By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Find out weapon stats, including damage, range, mag size, traits, tips, and more!

The SMG is the most effective when used at close range. However, it starts to lose effectiveness when used in longer ranges since it's not very accurate. SMGs are weapons that posses a high rate of fire, making them great for close range encounters. Due to their ability to spit out a steady stream of bullets, they do less than normal damage. In order to get the most out of submachine guns, it is best to close the distance on enemies.

This way, you will be able to use the fast fire rate of the weapon and riddle the target with several of your bullets! When customizing SMGs at the gunsmith focus on improving their fire rate, damage, and magazine size! This way, you will be able to down enemies quicker, fire for longer, and be more of a threat in close quarter maps!

Getting close to your enemies can be dangerous as they may be able to easily hit you! Remember to mix up your movements when close to the enemy! Jump, crouch, strafe and make yourself a harder target for enemies! Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. Call Of Duty Official Page. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly.

Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Warzone Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Tweet Share. Warzone Best Weapons Best Loadouts.Call of Duty: Warzone is the brand-new battle royale experience that has arrived across all platforms.

When secured, you have the option to choose one of ten custom loadouts that can be created before a game begins. It is one of the most effective ways to get your hands on a weapon that is fully kitted out with attachments and is one of only two ways to earn Perks.

In this article, here five of the best loadouts to create before a game and to use when in amongst the action! This attachment combination is the ideal balance for recoil control and a high damage output. The party piece of this is the flip hybrid, allowing you to get a clear view of an enemy regardless of distance. Having this lethal weapon in your back pocket is the perfect clutch when you are in a predicament and in a close-quarters scenario.

Delivering a killer one-two punch makes this a very efficient weapon when finishing off a downed opponent or for clearing out any buildings. The frag grenade can be cooked and can be rebounded off a wall into a window or another room if you are looking for intel. The smoke grenade is the perfect tool for covering an open area of the map or it can be used to set up an ambush.

EOD increases your resistance to explosives, perfect when under fire from a grenade and even an airstrike while tracker allows you to see enemy footsteps for a small period of time, giving you a rough idea on where they might be hiding. This attachment combination provides an element of stealth without impacting its high damage output and very fast rate of fire.

Having 15 additional bullets in the magazine of the MP5 is the perfect addition to continue the fight and minimising the need to reload. The match-grade trigger and laser are the two key attachments here.

The trigger increases the fire rate making it a deadly weapon when in a last-ditch scenario and the laser provides some much-needed accuracy when firing from the hip. The Semtex can be stuck to pretty much anything, making it a very useful tool to destroy and disable small vehicles. The Stun grenade is great for slowing down any opponents looking to make a bid for freedom or if you want to attempt an audacious finishing move!

Treat yourself to an increase in tactical sprint, allowing you to navigate the map quicker than sprinting normally, Ghost makes you invisible to any UAVs that may be used to locate you and Battle Hardened increases your resistance to stun and flash grenades, making it easier to see an opponent if you are hit by one.

This weapon is extremely deadly when taking on a target at long range and is much more mobile than either a Marksman rifle or a sniper. The stock and the grip provide plenty of control when engaging in a target in the distance.

The choice of the combat knife is to add some mobility to this particular loadout.Season Two came with more than just a new Battle Pass, weapons, maps, and bundles; it came with two significant updates to loadouts.

The simplest approach is to use Hardline and either the Personal Radar or Shield Turret, which can be earned by only getting two kills in one life with this method. The best in the business already know how this can be done: get into Ground War, hop in an ATV or Tactical Rover, and get up to ramming speed before turning an enemy into roadkill.

What weapons are my two Operators holding, you ask? Those who want to join me on this road to Damascus should definitely do so this coming weekend, as Double Weapon XP will be turned on, making it a bit easier to rank up those weapons in order to unlock camo challenges. Remember: SMGs are built for close-range engagements, as they are fast-firing weapons with low caliber ammunition.

Some SMGs do not have a headshot multiplier, so keep that in mind when going for this challenge on all weapons. Fun fact: crouching reduces your hipfire spread slightly, so it may be wise to chase this camo while also going for the Dragon camo challenge. Other than that, make sure your Operator is in a crouching stance, which is shown briefly as silhouette next to your weapon in the HUD as soon as you hit the crouch command. When doing so, make the most of those attachment slots by equipping ones that decrease hipfire spread.

The best two, in my opinion, are the Merc Foregrip, which also gives a recoil control buff, and the 5mW Laser, which also decreases sprint to fire speed at the cost of this laser being visible to enemies. If you do want to actively chase longshot kills, the following attachments across all weapons will help:. Alternatively, if more vertical control is needed, take the Ranger Foregrip instead.

Finally, all SMGs have a single-fire option. Use it if you want to be as precise as possible when attempting to take shots down range. Mounting significantly reduces recoil, making it a great way to get longshot kills with all SMGs. Therefore, you may want to wait to unlock the Topo camo challenge before pursuing the Splinter one. That way, you can knock out two camo challenges with one playstyle and weapon build. You may also have to still finish previous challenges, so just be sure to kit your weapon with five unique attachments to effectively pull double or triple duty.

Pair this lightning fast reload speed with the Sleight of Hand perk, and this challenge should be completed fairly quickly through natural gameplay. Sometimes, there is a Daily Challenge that also requires you to get kills with no attachments, so you may get lucky while going for Gold on one of your SMGs. Reaching the max rank on any SMG unlocks this final camo challenge, which requires you to go on a 3 killstreak 25 times.

In other words, be sure you have a Stim ready after a rough engagement or wait it out until you fully heal before making another rush toward enemy players. By the way: these camo challenges are now tracked within the Camouflage category tab of the Customization menu in Gunsmith, allowing you to see quickly how many more camos you need to complete a set.

Another massive loadout change was the recent perk balancing pass. Usually, I play with this on a sensitivity high enough to confuse anyone watching over my shoulder in the office. Just to make those come easier, I use a loadout with the Killstreak-stacking perk Kill Chain — now in the Perk 1 slot — and Hardline, which reduces the number of kills I need for a streak by one.

When I need to support a friend or a Ground War squad, I whip this class out.In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare there are a lot of different challenges that players will need to complete for their weapons in order to earn a golden skin for them.

These usually require getting a certain number of kills or killing enemies in specific ways. These tasks can be incredibly difficult to complete, but players will need to do them in order to earn that coveted skin and show off their abilities. One of the most difficult tasks that players will need to complete is the longshot challenge. A longshot is when a player kills an enemy from a distance of at least 30 yards away, which can be difficult to gauge properly in-game.

To make this even more difficult, players will need to make of them in order to complete the challenge. This guide will show players the best ways to complete the longshot challenge in Modern Warfare. The very first thing that players will want to do in order to get more longshot kills is to turn on Hardcore Mode. This mode will boost bullet damage and lower the health of all players, which makes it much easier to kill enemies as easily as possible.

Then players should also try to go to maps that allow for them to post up in windows or in sniping positions where they can survey the map. This will allow for the most opportunities to get these kills. When it comes to weapon attachmentsplayers should focus on things that prioritize accuracy and distance. The object here is to enable the weapon to be accurate at longer ranges, while still ensuring that it can cause a decent amount of damage from far away.

modern warfare smg longshot distance

The further away that the player can shoot their enemy from, the more likely it will be counted as a longshot kill. Players should do their best to aim for the head to bring their enemies down in one shot. According to The Gamera great map to try and rack up as many longshots as possible is Shoot House.

Players can go to the long middle section of the map, and post up on either side and snipe any player that moves out into the open. There is even the possibility of shooting other snipers at the opposite end of the map. Players should be careful though.

Since they are playing in Hardcore Mode, their enemies will be able to bring them down incredibly quickly.